Metallurgical Services

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Here at MVMTC we work to uncover a metal's character. We investigate it's heat treatment condition, its microstructure, the process by which it was formed, and whether it conforms to necessary specifications. In doing so we perform a variety of metallurgical tests and analyses. 

Our laboratory testing services and methods include:

  • Corrosion Testing  (Salt spray, immersion testing, humidity, intergranular corrosion, copper sulfate dip test, corrosion exposure, and more!)
  • Metallographic Preparation & Examination (Mounting and etching, cross section examination, etc.)
  • Microstructure Evaluations (Grain size determination, heat treatment condition, porosity measurement, micro structural factors)
  • Micro Hardness Testing (Knoop & Vickers, Brinell & Rockwell)
  • Plating Evaluation 
  • Photographic Documentation 
  • In-house machining capabilities

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