Fastener Test Plates at MVMTC

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Test plates are an important part of the inspection process, and proper use will call attention to any potential problems before the fasteners can cause assembly or warranty problems. Untapped test plates are required to properly test tapping screws to detect the presence of hydrogen embrittlement. Tapped test plates are required for testing electroplated and Rockwell C30 or harder machine screws and bolts to detect the presence of hydrogen embrittlement.

Here at MVMTC we offer a variety of test plates that meet the following specifications:
  • ANSI B 18.6.4, B 18.6.5M 
  • DIN 7500-1, 7513, 7516 
  • FIP-1000.1-.7 
  • Ford ES-M 1 A 160-A, ES-20003-S 1000 
  • GM 6010M, 617M, 6171M 
  • ISO 2702 
  • JIS 1055 
  • SAE J81, J478a, J993, J1237 
All of our test plates are manufactured in three sizes, 2x6 inches, 2x8 inches and 3x6 inches, and offer 30% more holes than our leading competitor. We also offer custom test plates upon request. To order your fastener test plates visit our online store or contact us today!

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