Weld Testing

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weld testing plays a critical role in advancing product safety, ensuring and reinforcing a manufacturer’s reputation for quality and reliability. For testing laboratories, weld testing can be divided into two key categories, weld failure analysis and weld quality analysis.

Weld Failure Analysis: an examination of welds failures to find the root cause. Weld failure analysis can help identify improper technique along with ways to improve manufacturing for higher quality and weld strength. Failure analysis also provides the necessary information for developing corrective actions and improvements in engineering, chemical composition and microstructure. In addition, weld failures can be examined in the field as well as simulated in a laboratory using destructive test methods.

Weld quality analysis: includes a variety of methods from visual inspections and metallographic studies to various types of nondestructive testing. This type of weld testing can be done in a laboratory or manufacturing setting to gauge the quality and reliability of weld joints.  

Added stress from design flaws, improper technique, welding defects, and chemical and/or material deficiencies, along with many other factors can contribute to weld failures.

Here at MVMTC we provide our clients with a variety of weld testing services, which are offered in combination with plethora of material and product testing services. We strive to shed light on the product or material failure; determining the root cause and means to improve said failure.

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