What is Materials Testing and Why is it Performed?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Materials testing is performed to provide a wealth of knowledge about specific materials or product specimens. Most test materials are used in critical applications where a failure could result in serious damage or injury. Testing is also required for most materials used throughout the aerospace, nuclear, defense, medical, automotive industries. For almost every industry, materials testing is performed to certify a material or materials to a given standard or specification prior to use.

Materials testing at MVMTC encompasses a variety of testing methods. Using methods such as hardness, tensile and elasticity testing we are able to evaluate the mechanical properties of your specimen. Our microscopy and SEM technologies enable us to analyze the surface features of your specimen, looking for any defects or inconsistencies. We also offer corrosion testing. With our state of the art salt fog system we are able to determine if the material is capable of withstanding adverse conditions such as humidity.

Materials testing also plays a large role in failureanalysis investigations. Here at MVMTC we use the culmination of test methods mentioned above to provide a comprehensive failure analysis. We help you identify defective products, inadequate materials and the ultimate cause of failure.

As your manufacturing partner MVMTC is dedicated to quality assurance throughout the entire development and production process. For more information, please visit our website or contact us today!

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